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Broking Services

The company offers a broad spectrum of broking services, such as ;

  • Insurance Compliance Reporting for Lenders in investment and project fundings both in Malaysia and abroad.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Management Scheme for Large and Specialised Risks.
  • Principal/Owner/Developer Controlled Insurance Programmes for projects.
  • Tailor Made Insurance Programme for all kinds of industrial and commercial ventures.
  • Professional Negligence Insurances for stockbroking, directors and officers, consulting engineers, real states corporations and other professional bodies.
  • Reinsurance Consultancy to insurers and even insurance brokers.
  • Treaty & Facultative Reinsurance.
  • Providing Value Added Services in terms of problem orientated consultation and advice.

Extensive investment in Information Technology has equipped the company with the capability of providing a multitude of IT simulation softwares to provide innovative solutions to clients.

Reinsurance Broking Services

We offer services in:
  • Treaty reinsurance
  • Facultative reinsurance
  • "Rent-A-Captive"
  • Global programme administration, management and risk profiling
We have a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and vast market knowledge to provide solutions and services to our customers.

Professional Indemnity

We handle various Professional Indemnity Insurances for:

  • Single Projects
  • Stockbrokers
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Lawyers (excess liability)
  • Engineers including Consulting Engineers
  • Valuers
  • Consultants

Insurance Consultancy

The broad scope of work is summarised as follows;

  • Review Contractual Agreement and Insurance
  • Drafting of Insurance Programme
  • Local Insurers Tenders with analysis comprising;
    • financial strength, capability and experience of tendering insurers/reinsurers
    • comparisons of insurance terms, conditions, deductibles and warranties being offered
    • comparison of premium terms

Risk Portfolio Analysis/Profiling Objectives

Profiling of risks toward reinforcement of risk management

  • improvement to risk protection system
  • review risk transfer methodology
  • review incident management
  • review risk management procedure

Event Cancellation and Due Diligence Exercise

Design, package, arrange and manage insurance programme for event such as:

  • Commonwealth Games
  • Maybank Group of Companies

Claims Management & Solutions

Our proactive business philosophy is concerned with assisting clients to minimise risks if the unforeseen does occur. To put in place a claims management plan for an expeditious solution. The response time in critical moments is exceptionally fast.

Customised claims management programme is frequently developed, tailored against the unique operational methodology in the client’s enviroment. Claims manual and training are made available to our clients. It provides clear and simple operational procedures and guidelines for our client use. Comprehensive IT driven simulation module that is capable to be customised for client use and skilled BIB executives in handling claims of all classes towards quality claims management.

Privatisation of Power Plant Project

The company was fortunate to be involved in the first privatised combined cycled power plant project producing 1303 MW of power as a base load supplier. Our involvement spanned from the period of the development of the Concession Agreement, Power Purchase Agreement, Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract, Financing Agreement, during the course of construction, reliability testing period into the first five years of the operations. Subsequently, with the experienced gained in managing a project of such magnitude, we are able to take the opportunity to be involved in several other power plant related projects as well as other privatisation projects.